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Adult Foster Care

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The Maricopa County Adult Foster Care Home program provides a family setting for individuals needing assistance with their activities of daily living. This program offers a quality nurturing residential environment for individuals who can no longer live in their own homes due to increasing need for assistance, yet do not need to be placed in a skilled nursing facility. Each resident will receive any health care related services by the trained Certified Caregivers and Sponsor/owners of Adult Foster Care Home, and outside service agencies (such as Hospice Care) as needed. Adult Foster Care Home encourages maintenance of the highest level of independence, and functioning for as long as possible. 

The goal of the Maricopa County Adult Foster Care program is to provide every individual who can benefit from family care, the opportunity to select placement in a compatible licensed Adult Foster Care Home, where he or she can be a participating family member, and maintain a maximum level of emotional and physical independence possible.

What is FSL’s role in the Maricopa County Adult Foster Care Program?

If you are a qualified candidate, and have a caring family home ready to provide high quality care services for elderly and adults with disabilities, you may apply to become an Adult Foster Care Home Sponsor through FSL.
FSL contracts with various Arizona Long Term Care Services (ALTCS) plans to approve, and license Adult Foster Care Homes according to program standards.

Please note that Adult Foster Care Home (AFC) is considered an Assisted Living Facility (ALF). Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) rules and regulations related to AFC homes are equal to Assisted Living Homes (ALH) and Assisted Living Centers (ALC). DHS license is required for each ALF according to Assisted Living Licensure standards.